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Letters – Aug. 3, 2023

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MAP Carbondale
When we describe Carbondale to out-of-town family and friends, foremost in that description is our town’s cohesive sense of community, vibrant neighborhoods and active engagement in the outdoors. 

Fundamental to that culture is our small-town mobility and easy access by bike, on foot and via transit connections. When the Board of Town Trustees updated the Comprehensive Plan in 2022, they mandated the development of a multi-modal master plan to proactively address the pressures of growth and ensure preservation of our unique bike/pedestrian culture. That process, called Carbondale MAP (Mobility and Access Plan), is underway and actively seeking input from area residents.

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The first step in this MAP is to assess the current state of our transportation landscape. Area residents are encouraged to make comments on the Town’s website ( Additionally, you can stop by the Town’s MAP booth at Wednesday Farmers Markets and/or First Fridays to chat with Town staff and volunteers serving on the Bike, Pedestrian & Trails Commission (BPTC). At that booth and on the website, you will find an interactive street map and the opportunity to pinpoint problem areas based on your bike/ped/transit experiences and when driving, too. You can also identify existing features that you really appreciate.

Moreover, you are encouraged to use these maps to suggest something new, like a dedicated bike lane, additional crosswalk, wider sidewalk, slower speed limit, etc. We hope you will “think big” and imagine a perfect world for your family’s access to school, work, shops, neighborhoods and healthcare and cultural facilities. You may already have completed Age Friendly Carbondale’s survey on Highway 133. That’s great and will be part of this process. Now, we are seeking feedback on the entire town.

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After this initial input-gathering phase, the next step will involve recommendations (with the help of a professional team of multi-modal plan designers) for improvements to the current infrastructure. Recommendations will include changes to the planning and design process so that bike, ped, trails and transit priorities are fully integrated in all future development. Essentially, there are two primary goals: 1) Evaluate and improve current infrastructure based on input from residents; and 2) Create systems that sustain our culture of bike/ped/transit mobility as Carbondale grows.

Stay tuned. There will be other opportunities for feedback as comments are collected and new ideas are proposed. Feel free to attend the monthly BPTC meetings at 6pm on the first Monday of each month at Town Hall.

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Rick Blauvelt (member) and Chris Hassig (trustee)
Carbondale BPTC


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CKF success
Wine and Dine for the win! The Chris Klug Foundation (CKF) would like to express its deep and heartfelt gratitude to all those who made our 2023 event a huge success. Our annual awareness and fundraising event helps us share our lifesaving message for organ, eye and tissue donation, and supports our efforts to encourage individuals nationwide before, during and after transplant.

CKF would like to recognize our title sponsor and gold-level supporters: the Hoffberger family. Thank you Captain Jeffrey, Russell, Joanie and Helen for your continued generosity. We would also like to thank our presenting sponsor and silver-level supporters: the Brodsky family. And thank you to the Nicholas family for their half-band sponsorship. Additional appreciation to the Snowmass Club, Schramsberg Winery, Sashae Floral and the Derek Brown Band.

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We are grateful for all of our table purchasers and individual ticket holders, as well as those who donated to our cause in absentia. We would also like to thank the many contributors to our silent auction.

Finally, we would like to honor our 2023 CKF award recipients for their incredible contributions to the donation and transplantation communities. Thank you for your selfless service, and for your tireless efforts to support and advance organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. Congratulations to our Hero Award winner, Katrina Fountain; our Bounce Back, Give Back Award winner, Dave Galbenski; and our Community Champion Award winner, Maria Fernanda Filizola. Thank you to John Stroud and The Sopris Sun, as well as Aimee Yllanes and the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program for sharing their stories.

On behalf of the CKF staff and board, thank you! And be sure to mark your calendars for Wine and Dine 2024 on Friday, Aug. 2! Live Life Give Life!

Jessi Rochel
Chris Klug Foundation


Ask Ai Weiwei
Regarding Aspen’s ruling class and to a lesser extent, America’s, the Old Testament prophet Hosea said it best: There is little “faithfulness, no love,” little acknowledgement of God in the land. “Unfaithful people accept cursing, lying, murder, stealing and adultery into their daily lives. We have deserted God and a spirit of prostitution” holds us captive.

We remain grateful for family, friends and Jesus’ example of loving others; but freedom must be fought for with our lives. Ask Ai Weiwei. 

Lee and Sandy Mulcahy 


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