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Talk therapy, for all its virtues, also has limits. Sometimes what we’re feeling is beyond verbal, and it can get frustrating to always be so mental about our emotions.

Recognizing this, Christina “Pixie” Byrne is offering a type of somatic therapy in Carbondale. The motto for her new endeavor, Resonant Life, is “live a more resourced life from the inside out.” 

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The work is informed, in part, by Peter Levine’s “Waking the Tiger,” a book that explores how trauma gets trapped in the body and invites our awareness inward. “We all hold a key to our healing,” said Byrne. “Especially in a place of support and presence.”

She has been a part of Carbondale’s community for 20 years and is a licensed massage therapist. She has also been a doula and yoga instructor and now has a Polarity Life Coach certificate from the Colorado School of Energy Studies, where she trained in the Blueprint Resonance somatic modality. 

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“I’ve always been drawn to a slower pace,” she told The Sopris Sun. “I like to listen closely to what people and their bodies are telling me and, more importantly, to invite my clients to listen closely as well.”

Byrne followed personal experiences of unprocessed pain to discover a Gestalt-type therapy through her massage school. “I was able to recognize that the pain I was holding was kind of like an entity,” she said. Being able to meet her trauma as something held, and not intrinsic, helped Byrne observe the pain without it taking over.

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“I’ve known ever since massage school I was drawn to working to support people with emotional and psychological challenges,” she said. Often she’s encountered massage clients needing such support, so she sought the tools to help. A few years ago, she came across this somatic healing modality and it felt like a good fit.

“Blueprint Resonance” studies at the Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder are led by Anna Chitty and flow from the philosophy that “we all have a blueprint,” said Byrne. “It exists in everything; an invisible, universal template that guides all formation exists just behind the visible.”

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Her work invites a client to experience this, without necessarily understanding. “It is so experiential,” emphasized Byrne. “It’s not just me helping someone else. There’s an awareness that there’s a consciousness that’s holding and supporting us all of the time.”

Often an emotion or challenge can feel overwhelming, so the intent is to stay with sensations. “We pendulate between sensations of a challenge and something resourceful to find a sweet spot with the challenge. Meeting it in that sweet spot, it has the opportunity to be seen and transformed,” explained Byrne. “There’s an inner wisdom that can come through when we can really stop and listen. And often it was a wound from childhood that was never met, seen, heard, and it shows up now as a sensation, as an imprint. And we meet it with curiosity and appreciation.”

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The work is mostly hands-off and begins with verbal guidance. In essence, it’s guided, supportive mindfulness in the body. “What almost always happens is there will be some return if we move through inner experience,” said Byrne. “We will come to what feels like our truer and fuller selves.”

The exercise builds an inner capacity to meet challenges with ease and awareness. A person not dealing with trauma is invited to work around an intention, like launching a business or having more patience in a relationship. “What do you see getting in the way of that intention?” Byrne would ask such a client. “Notice what happens in the body with that question.”

By meeting the sensation, “it ultimately will start to change and inform us,” said Byrne. This is the inner wisdom of the body. 

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