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Humans vs. Vampires: on which side will you fall?

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Don’t forget! Humans vs. Vampires begins Friday the 13th. Get your ribbons at Bonfire Coffee or Dandelion Market. You can still sign up after the official start, but your chances of winning decrease the more you delay.

Start as a human with a yellow ribbon clearly displayed around your wrist. Vampires can’t tag you when you’re actively holding a copy of The Sopris Sun. If you put it down or stash it in your back pocket, one little tag and you’re one of them. Surrender your human ribbon to your sire, don the red one and begin seeking out your prey.

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Vampires get points for each human bracelet they obtain, and both teams will have the opportunity to earn stars for attending local events. Keep an eye out on Facebook, on our website and in the paper for specifics, but you can certainly expect points from Roaring Fork home games (and the Colorado Rocky Mountain School soccer game, which might as well be at home) for starters.

After Halloween, the top scorer on each side (assuming any humans are left on Oct. 31) will be awarded a small prize and get recognized in the paper. It should go without saying that we don’t want anyone undermining their safety or anyone else’s, but in this day and age it’s probably worth noting that folks are participating at their own risk.

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