On Oct. 20, anyone heading home through Carbondale experienced a brief interruption in their commute as the North Thompson Cattlemen's Association drove approximately 800 head of cattle from Jerome Park, through the roundabout and down Colorado Avenue. Teslas, Range Rovers and bicyclists all moved over or hunkered in place while a sea of beef calmly passed by. For those brief moments, we were all part of a tradition that has taken place in this valley since the late-1880s. Photo by Paula Mayer.

 The Sopris Sun photographer Paula Mayer captured the featured photo of a road-biker evading the oncoming cattle herd on Thompson Creek Road, outside of Carbondale. 

Later on, the residents at Sopris Lodge got a private show of the cattle drive. See the caption below for details. Yeehaw! 

“Home on the Range” played on the PA system last Wednesday as residents of Sopris Lodge at Carbondale took to their balconies to watch the Nieslanik family, whose ranching roots run deep, drive their herd of cattle across campus en route to their winter home outside Carbondale. Residents at the new senior lifestyle community cheered on the herd during the ranchers’ semi-annual roundup. Courtesy photos below.