The Rams' linemen hold Peyton high school's defense at bay while their teammate runs up the center during a home-game on Sept. 3. Photo by Sue Rollyson.

Mary Kate Adams, in her first year as RFHS Student Council co-lead, has been working with the Student Council since September planning Homecoming Week festivities.

Adams said the Student Council is responsible for planning all Homecoming Week activities.

Traditionally, there has been a Halloween carnival, but Adams said they’re organizing a fall harvest festival for this year’s fundraiser. 

What’s new this year? A game night on Monday plus some witty dress days themes.

And while this year’s Homecoming Week is much later than its usual coinciding with Potato Day, Adams shared, “I think it’s going to help us in terms of community turnout and having a lot of kids show up and participate in all the events.”

At 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 20, the truck rally winds past Crystal River Elementary, Carbondale Middle and Ross Montessori schools, where students will greet the high schoolers with waves and cheers. Adams encouraged the public to join the celebration. “If people are around, we’ll be driving by, doing a loop to all those schools and anyone in the community is welcome to stand outside, on Main Street or wherever, and cheer them on,” she said.

The Rams will host home games during the week: girls volleyball vs. Basalt Longhorns on Tuesday, boys soccer vs. Glenwood Springs Demons on Thursday and football vs. Gunnison Cowboys on Friday.

There is no short supply of school spirit, as Adams said, “This year, everyone’s just excited to be back and doing Homecoming Week.”

Spirit Week summary

The Sopris Sun received a press release directly from the dedicated RFHS Student Council explaining what to look forward to each day of Spirit Week. For Carbondalians who feel inclined to participate (outside of school of course), here is a quick summary in the students’ own words: 

Monday, October 18

Decade day! Freshmen should wear ’70s attire, sophomores ’80s, juniors 2000s, and seniors ’90s! Dress for that decade! (Apparently the 90s are still considered pretty cool). 

Tuesday, October 19

Hawaiian day! Come dressed as a tacky tourist or as a traditional hula girl. Dress up as anything and everything that screams Hawaii! (Provigil)

Wednesday, October 20

Anything but a backpack, and jersey day! Backpacks are prohibited on this spirit day. Instead, bring your books in a wagon, a shopping cart, or even a microwave. Get creative with all the ways you can bring your stuff to school, or work for those non-student participants. Don’t forget to wear a sports jersey while you’re doing it! 

Thursday, October 21

Country vs. country club day! Are you more Morgan Wallen or more Tiger Woods? Do you prefer mudding in your truck or sipping mocktails at the club? Let’s see your cowboy or your golf outfits. 

Friday, October 22

Hollywood day! Is this Roaring Fork High School, or the red carpet? On this spirit day, people shouldn’t be able to answer that question. Dress up in your prettiest gowns and your nicest suits, or even as a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi. 

RFHS Rams final games of the season


Oct. 14

RFHS at Basalt; 4 p.m. Varsity / 6 p.m. JV

Oct. 19

RFHS at Vail Mountain; 11 a.m. JV / 1 p.m. Varsity


Glenwood Springs Demons at RFHS; 4 p.m. JV / 6 p.m. Varsity


Oct. 14
RFHS at Cedaredge; 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 16
RFHS at Gunnison; 1:30 p.m.

Basalt Longhorns at RFHS; 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 21
RFHS at Grand Valley; 6:30 p.m.


Oct. 15
North Fork at RFHS; 7 p.m.

Oct. 22 (HOMECOMING!)Gunnison at RFHS; 7 p.m.

Oct. 29
RFHS at Cedaredge; 7 p.m.