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Dear Editor:

Yes, I have had enough of people in the newspaper getting a lot of gun shootings wrong.

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Yes, there are terrible tragedies and yes the FBI should have taken Cruz into custody. Yes, the law officer who was a coward decided that he wanted to wait until officers showed up. Big time dereliction of duty. You keep blaming the guns and not blaming the people around Cruz.

Hey, he could have made a homemade bomb and I think he did have that. This entire scenario could have been avoided should the FBI and the police have taken charge of his threats. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens is not the answer. Anyone wanting to kill themselves with a gun, a knife, a hammer, poison, or any means doesn’t care how he or she does it.

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Most of those that have written in talking gun control should be aware that there are laws on gun control. However someone bent on killing others can buy a gun off the streets from gangs. You can buy just about anything in America off the streets.

As far as I have been told that there have been worse mass shootings than this. We have a governor who has supported the pot industry and now he says he doesn’t want it. Are those that want to ban guns of any type aware that someone behind the wheel of a vehicle with marijuana in their system is just as lethal as a gun?

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Wow, Sarah, 96 people a day are killed by guns. Is this worldwide, just in Colorado or in the entire United States? You don’t say where you got your information from? Please enlighten us.

Are you going to ban cars because they kill people too. I would bet there are far more people killed by cars, planes, trains and drugs than are killed by guns on a daily basis. I don’t think anyone should have an assault weapon — only those in the service should be able to use them in war. Just some food for thought about gun control.

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Audrey Jane Budzynski


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