Miss Moon (Amy Kimberly). Photo courtesy of Renee Ramge

Fall is a time of transition, so it only makes sense that my impending transition would happen during this season. There is no easy journey to times of change. Our trees grow green with foliage in the spring but traverse a wide range of weather, fire, wind and rain to reach the other side of summer. My journey has been no different. 

Oh, I haven’t let go easily. I have kicked and screamed and held on tight to the things that are dear to me. It’s like kids; you birth them, raise them and then you have to let them go…

The Carbondale Creative District, the Rio Grande Artway, the Mountain Fair, murals and more, all belong to this community and I know it will keep them thriving. This earth needs good stewardship, more than ever now. 

As in raising a child, it takes a village. The village of Carbondale has been my muse and my support. There are so many who have helped me create that I could not possibly begin to name names for fear of leaving someone out. You know who you are. 

You are the people that renew your membership every year, even through hard times. You are the friends that stand by me, even when I act surly or petulant or even worse — sarcastic and condescending. You are the donors who believe in some of my whacky ideas and help bring them to life. You are the staff that stand by my side and always make me look better. You are the volunteers who show up and make things happen year after year. You are the local business owners who struggle to keep doors open but still give when asked. You are the painters, performers, dancers, designers, sculptors, ceramicists, acrobats, writers and storytellers that keep my world habitable and my dreams alive. 

You are the creatives and innovators who strive to make this planet a better place to be. You are my community that bathed me in love and light as I set forth on a new journey. Thank you!

I am going, but not gone. I will still be a volunteer, a supporter and an innovator. 

I think Trevor Noah said it best when asked why he was leaving the Daily Show. “It’s my time,” he said. “It’s better to go out when people will miss you.” When asked what he was going to do next, he said,”Everything.” 

I look forward to doing everything too! I hope I can be there for all of you as you have been here for me.

See you around town!

With gratitude,
Amy Kimberly
Former Director of Carbondale Arts