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Friendship and stars align to create holistic business venture

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Felicia Trevor Gallo and Lynn Ruoff have been friends for 20 years. During that time, they each pursued specific learning journeys. For Trevor Gallo, this has been studying the astrological heavens, and for Ruoff, it has been the resonance of sound therapy.

The two spoke with The Sopris Sun about their new business venture and how it came to be.

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Ruoff said, “Flash lives astrology, so being her friend and knowing her for so long, I’ll ask her for advice. For example, I’ll get upset or frustrated with someone, and she says, ‘Oh, that’s because her sun sign is this, or her moon sign is that, or this archetype,’ and when you take yourself out of the equation, you don’t take it personally. And she can look at my natal chart and tell me, ‘Give yourself a break, because it’s this planet doing this or doing that,’ and that information has been life-changing for me,” Ruoff explained.

They realized that together they could offer transformative and holistic experiences for others, “and that’s what spurred us on to this collaboration.” Trevor Gallo shared.

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Trevor Gallo, host DJ of KDNK Radio’s “Flash Cafe,” was drawn to study astrology in her late teens and has continued to develop a solid foundation in understanding the meaning of astrological signs and houses, the movement of the planets at any given time (transits), and aspects between planets.

She uses online astrology software to create a personalized natal chart that plots the position of the planets and houses at the time of the client’s birth. That snapshot in time provides detailed information about personality traits and life potentials.

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The study and daily application of astrology have provided Trevor Gallo with insight into the strengths and challenges in her life. “Astrology helped me to understand the world and gain a deeper understanding of myself,” she observed. And, to never get “too stuck” in circumstances, because “no matter how good or bad you feel, it will change because the planets are constantly in orbital motion,” she shared.

Trevor Gallo said, in astrology, the timeframe known as the “Platonic Year” is the time it takes — approximately 10,000 years — for the planets to return to the same positions they held at any given moment. That understanding highlights the uniqueness of each moment in time. In other words, she said, everything is in an unceasing evolution.

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Ruoff is a sound healer who has studied various sound-based techniques, including harmonic scales (musical scales that incorporate specific intervals and harmonic relationships), and uses them to create resonant sounds that can promote relaxation, balance and healing. Tools she employs in her practice are tuning forks and singing bowls, each emitting specific frequencies.

Harmonic scales, also known as “solfeggio scales,” have been a part of ancient healing traditions worldwide. For example, in China, besides their use in musical expression, the scales have been incorporated into spiritual practices, including singing bowls used in meditation or mindfulness practices.

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Ruoff explained that an electromagnetic field (EMF) refers to the vibration associated with sound waves and frequencies in sound therapy. In humans, an EMF is generated by energetic activity in the physical body. “In sound healing, a practitioner is the go-between. It’s not passive for the client; you’re not just lying there. The sound therapist is an intermediary that is doing something called ‘entrainment,’ which is the synchronization of biological rhythms or brainwave patterns, with an external stimulus, such as sound or music,” she shared. That “EMF space” is where Ruoff does her sound healing work.

And while their practices do not offer medical advice or treatment, their focus remains on providing their clients with insights into interconnectedness, personal growth and holistic well-being.

As the duo embarks on their entrepreneurial journey, they radiate an infectious enthusiasm for the work and one another, as was evidenced by the joyful laughter during this Sopris Sun interview. As the saying goes, their friendship and business collaboration might be “written in the stars.” Stay tuned.

Ruoff and Trevor Gallo will have a booth at Carbondale’s First Friday celebration on June 2, where you can ask questions or get more information. You can also go to

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