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Don't walk out, waffle in

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To the greatest, most wonderful community in the world,

The world of public education is difficult, but I believe that the model we have at Roaring Fork High School represents the best of what it can be: student-centered, character-driven, authentically rigorous and focused on opportunities for all. It is and has been the professional honor of my life to serve in a school like this where students are kind and know that they can change the world. Where teachers care about how students develop their character just as much as improve their test scores. Where our community rises up and is deeply connected to the success of the school. 
The fact that so many staff, students, and community members have expressed concerns over the upcoming principal transition is a testament to how much we all care about the success of this school and our students. We are such a dynamic and rapidly-improving school: we construct solar arrays, we earn big scholarships, we prepare and graduate first-generation students, we create daring art, and we maximize opportunities for all of our students. We are Rams. We are willing to fight for what’s best for our kids and community.
I know how I want to fight for it. I’m not going anywhere. This community has given me the opportunity to grow and learn as a leader, and I plan to continue to do so in a position that I love. I am endlessly dedicated to and inspired by what students are learning and who they are becoming here, and I am thrilled to continue to lead the school as Vice Principal in this community. 
I have been inspired with the support and love shown to me as well as to our school this week. Thank you. It serves as a reminder of what I always say to our students: “We are a reflection of our community.” I feel that now more than ever. I’m so excited to finish the #bestyearever and start 2017-18 #RAMstrong.
I want to take all this passion we have around the leadership transition and channel it into what we do best. We teach all our students to use their voice and stand-up for what they believe in. In reaction to recent events, they have proposed a “walk out” as a peaceful way to demonstrate their power in our school. 
However, in order to exemplify the unity of RFHS while not channeling our energy away from all the positive progress we have made together, I’m proposing that we demonstrate a “waffle in” instead of a “walk out.” With this, we declare our commitment to one another – we are not changing who we are. Plus, we get to eat waffles together. 
I believe this would present the perfect setting to place value on the interconnectedness shared by the RFHS community and celebrate the passion and success of our school.
I invite you–our weird, wonderful, creative Carbondale community–to take a part in this celebration as we channel our energy into success now and in the future. Students, during Crew on Tuesday, come to the commons to eat waffles and celebrate how great we are. 
Community members and staff, you can do a number of things to participate: (1) bring as many waffle irons as you can find to RFHS by 4:00pm on Monday, (2) contact Lorri Knaus at to donate money or waffle fixins for the cause (3) come and eat waffles with the incredible students at RFHS and learn more about what they are passionate about Tuesday morning, April 4th at 9:35am.
I am already endlessly proud of what happens here in this school, but we have successes yet unknown. In order to do accomplish these dreams, we need your help to connect to all the richness in the greater Carbondale community. Please continue to dream, plan, push, give, make waffles and do the most we can do to make our school and community stronger.
Consider becoming a mentor through the Capstone Project, donate to one of our 17 clubs to enhance our students’ experiences, sign up for the Booster Club, and come show your support at all athletic events, band and choral performances, art shows and theater productions. What time, talent or resource do you want to share? I want to work with you, so please email me and let me know what you are dreaming about for your community and school. 
We are as strong as we are united. So let’s be #RAMstrong and dream together.

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Kelsie Goodman

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