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County P&Z votes against CR 106 Vacation

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After a public hearing of over five hours, which lasted until just after midnight, the Garfield County Planning Commission voted 6 to 2 on Wednesday to deny the “Location and Extent” portion of CRMS’s application for Vacation of the County Road 106 right-of-way that runs through the school’s campus. Both sides were well represented during public testimony, with many CRMS employees and current and former board members voicing their support for the Vacation request, and many others from the Satank neighborhood and Town of Carbondale speaking out against the school’s application.

Commissioners voting in favor of the denial (i.e. opposing the CRMS application) were Stephen Damm, Sean Martin, Greg Shaner, Wendy Haskins, Bob Fullerton, and Eric Rudd. Opposing the denial (i.e. voting in support of CRMS’s request) were Greg McKennis and Keith Lammey.

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The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has the final say on the Vacation application itself, but this thumbs down from the Planning Commission could impact the process. More to come on that as we investigate further. Check back for updates.

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