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Cosmic Blast celebrates shift

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Cosmic Blast celebrates shift

By Sue Gray

Sopris Sun Correspondent

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The little town of Carbondale became the center of the universe last Saturday for the passionate group of people attending the Cosmic Love Blast. The event was sponsored by A Spiritual Center and held at the Third Street Center. The ceremony/celebration was designed to enable participants to “receive an initiation into the new energies of the Great Shift underway for planet earth and humanity,” according to organizer Golden Sha.

The event attracted people from all over and for a variety of reasons. Carbondale Community School teacher Diana Alcantara said she came because “it’s a chance for us to consciously decide to raise our vibration, to live with more compassion, love, health, sustainability, abundance … all of it.” A man who introduced himself simply as Peter, said he came from the Front Range “because there’s going to be some cool stuff going on with the singing bowls and the energies.”

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After purchasing a $20 ticket, guests entered the Calaway Room through a curtain of pastel feather boas. Silver stars and twinkle lights festooned the ceiling; the walls were draped in purple, white and sky blue fabric; while a slide show featured fantasy images of the universe.

As the room filled with more than 100 people, Richard Lyon passed out drums and rattles to audience members. He began the opening ceremony with a request for the audience to “make a lot of noise” for one minute. Following was a Native American ritual in which the audience was asked to stand and turn clockwise to the East, South, West and North, stopping at each point for a prayer of gratitude to the corresponding spirits.

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After the audience was seated again, Sha explained the Great Shift. She said the energy of love, faith and abundance is replacing the old energy of hate, fear, and scarcity. Citing the example of the new Pope who said even atheists can go to heaven, Sha asked people to talk about things they’ve seen or experienced that might be signs of the new energy.

Changes abound

An audience member noted the honesty and courage of Edward Snowden. Another said she noticed pop music lyrics were becoming more positive; the song “Happy” is at the top of the charts. Life coach Gwen Garcelon saw a Kraft commercial featuring a gay couple with kids.

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Next, local musician Annie Flynn played some classical pieces on the piano and then everyone took a break to enjoy tea and sweet treats provided by Dee Searing of Serendipities and a host of volunteer bakers. In the hallway, a silent auction featured items for bid including personal care products, art, jewelry, and services such as housecleaning, massage, and an “Integrated Energy Session.”

After the break, spiritual astrologer Mary Reilly explained the significance of astronomical occurrences coinciding with the Great Shift. On April 14 and 15 certain planets will align in a Grand Cross, creating vibrational energies that affect humanity and planet Earth. She said the lyrics from “Age of Aquarius” explain what is happening: “When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will rule the planet and love will steer the stars.”

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The Cosmic Love Blast concluded with a guided meditation by Sha, singing bowls performed by Pam Davis, and the audience participating in a seated Qi Gong exercise led by Roxana Duvall. The whole experience appeared to leave participants both relaxed and greatly energized, ready for what comes next.

If you missed the Cosmic Love Blast or want to experience it again, a CD of the event will be available for $15. To order, contact Golden Sha at    

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