By Lynn Burton

Sopris Sun Staff Writer

When Anthony and Alexandra Jerkunica opened Coredination: A Movement Studio in Carbondale in 2004, they introduced the Roaring Fork Valley to a new approach of offering pilates, yoga and ballet instruction under one roof.

“The three (disciplines) compliment and support each other,” Alexandra told The Sopris Sun.

The husband/wife team expanded to the Third Street Center three years ago and have now moved to the Bridges Center on Sopris Avenue.

“We’re in the west wing and we’ve tripled our space.”

That space is the former Carbondale Middle School cafeteria, which the Jerkunicas remodeled and upgraded to include floor to ceiling mirrors, ballet bars, pilates equipment and more.

The public is invited to tour Coredination, meet the Jerkunicas and other instructors, taste some treats, get a sneak preview of Bonedale Ballet, view some demonstrations and videos, and even dance a bit if so moved, starting with a ribbon cutting at 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 6.

“We’ll probably have some ballet music in the background,” Alexandra said. “If someone is tempted to get out on the floor, that’s OK.”

Alexandra, who was born in Grazz, Austria, met Anthony when they were professional dancers with Ballet Pacifica in California. She first adopted pilates as a form of cross training and to help with balance. “It (pilates) was necessary in prolonging my career,” she states on the Coredination website. She completed her masters program at the Pilates Center in Boulder in 2010.

Anthony has danced professionally in California, New York and Colorado. He is a certified Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

“Through the disciplines of ballet, pilates and yoga, we strive to educate and inspire our students, so they can move through life with grace, power and flexibility,” their website continues.

Alexandra is down to earth and easy to talk to. She explained that she and Anthony were happy with their space at the Third Street Center but their lease was expiring this fall, and last spring they learned that the Bridges Center space might be available.

“We (now) have more room for jumps and leaps, and larger classes … . The ceilings are enormously high … there’s plenty of breathing room. Our eyes are still adjusting to the space.”

The Jerkunicas first heard about Carbondale through Anthony’s friends when they lived in Orange County, California. Through the years they’ve gotten to better know and appreciate Carbondale.

“We love the artists and creative community … we love being part of this.”

Referring back to the Third Street Center, which is the former Carbondale Elementary School turned non-profit center, Alexandra said the three years they spent down the hall or next door to CCAH, artists studios and non-profits were good ones, “ … but this has always been our dream.”

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Oh yea, Coredination also plans to launch a new website this week as well.