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Dear Editor:

I’ve got about a ton of thank-yous to get out about the success of my art show at the HANDMAKERY this past week.

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First, I thank my beautiful and loving wife Elsie (aka “Granny”) for her support, advice and input on my coloring.

Next, I thank Ami Maes and her husband Chris for the opening up of the HANDMAKERY to display my work in three rows of 10 on the wall.

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Next, I thank Terry Hayes and her husband T.J. for all the work they did to make my work presentable. Also, Terry is Ami’s mother and our daughter — she’s also Ami’s helper on a daily basis, and T.J. is always available to do about anything that she is asked to do.

Next is Steph, our granddaughter, and her husband Kevin for their outpouring of advice, compliments and suggestions.

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Next, my four “munchkins:” Emmy, Sophia, Maielle and Mountain, our great-grandkids. A special word about Mountain: he is part of the crew at KDNK Radio and frequently does his own show live.

Next, Megan; she is the gal responsible for that beautiful and informative piece in the Sopris Sun. Also, Megan and Will have done a live interview with me on KDNK.

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Next, Elsie and I made it a point to go to the HANDMAKERY on the evenings of April 3, 4 and 5 to see the kids’ craftwork, “Lil’ Llamas in Pajamas,” and to meet the parents when they came to pick up their kids — what a great bunch.

And then “Fantastic Friday!” I was completely overwhelmed by the compliments, the handshakes, the hugs, the questions and all the fellowship in general. What a beautiful thing to visit with friends, family from out of town, neighbors, and strangers that are strangers no longer. I want you all to know how much it meant to me for all of you to take time to see to it that my show was a success. I mean that from the bottom of the heart. It is something I will never forget.

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Bob Fadely

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