By Heidi Rice

Sopris Sun Contributor

Who says little kids are the only ones who like Easter Egg Hunts? That was the feeling of the Carbondale Recreation Department when they decided to change the age group for the event.

This year’s event will now be limited to those 80 and over. 

“We always do something for the little kids and most of them just cry when they see the Easter Bunny anyway,” said Mayor Ed McMcMuphin. “And we’ll extend the event from April 15 until July 30 in order to give everyone time to find all the eggs.”

There will be 15,000 unboiled eggs hidden in obvious places and service dogs will be allowed, although any eggs that are peed on will be disqualified. The dogs, not the eggs…And the participants are being warned to be careful when using their canes or walkers because it could smash the eggs into smithereens.

The hunt will start with the traditional shotgun start and everyone will be given a gun prior to the race.

“But anyone who shoots or kills someone will be eliminated,” McMuphin said firmly.

As usual, the hunt will be held in Sopris Park where Mountain Fair is always held and the hippies say they are planning to attend the Easter Egg Hunt as well.

“It’s gonna be a gas watching people the same age as my old man and old lady lookin’ for eggs that ain’t even cooked,” one 50-something hippie said excitedly. “I’m gonna be sure and bring plenty of weed for this one!”

Not that there won’t be anything for the kids to do. At the same time that the egg hunt is taking place, kids from 1-8 can participate in the For Peep’s Sake Scavenger Hunt, which has been reserved for adults in the past.

“And instead of a 5-10K walk or run where the adults took photos of the peeps, the kids just need to collect the peeps and the one with the most peeps wins,” said a recreation department official, who asked not to be identified.

When the peeps heard about the new rules to the game, they revolted and were seen trying to escape out of town — some towards El Jebel and others toward Glenwood Springs.

“No!” the peeps yelled. “The kids will try to eat us or squish us or feed us to a service dog!”

Area news photographers faced a challenge in that they couldn’t decide which would be a better photo — the old people and the eggs, the kids with the peeps or the adults trying to monitor their children and their parents at the same time.

The cops also decided to split up into three groups, which included the hippies as well.

“Basically, this Easter will have the whole community coming together and that’s what we pride ourselves on in Carbondale,” McMuphin said proudly. “Personally, I’m going to be at the bar.”