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Capstone projects yield diverse connections

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By Nannette Weinhold
Capstone Site Coordinator

Students at Roaring Fork High School recently completed their year-long senior capstone projects this week. Here are some highlights!

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A “capstone” is an independent, student-led endeavor that provides opportunities for graduating seniors to learn something new, pursue a passion and extend their knowledge. The past few years have been challenging, with COVID preventing many students from working with a community expert. Kudos to all the students who got creative and had a meaningful experience. And a huge thanks to the community members who could support our young people this school year.

The community is welcome to come see senior capstone projects on display at Roaring Fork High School on May 11.

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Angela Martinez Govea made educational material to share with students who have diabetes or loved ones with diabetes. Her community expert was Wendy Kennedy.

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Boden Hamilton attended municipal meetings with the Carbondale Board of Town Trustees, and educated his high school peers about local government. His community expert was Ben Bohmfalk.

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Josue Pascasio Serrano honed his drum skills and performed at his church.

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Nayomi Mayo coached seventh grade volleyball. Her community expert was Genny Hardenbrook.


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Zachary Vrabel volunteered with the Roaring Fork Conservancy and also built a set of wooden raft ores to be auctioned off at their fundraiser event. His community expert was Tim Sampsel.

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