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Betty Cranmer, a resident of Renew Assisted Living Center in Glenwood Springs, died peacefully on July 21 at 3 a.m. Her son, Allen, was at her side. Her daughter, Susan Gorman, and members of her family, as well as her granddaughter, Hannah Hutchison, who is now a hospice nurse in the Roaring Fork Valley, and Akal Jeet Khalsa, an end-of-life counselor, were also with her until late the previous evening. She was almost 101 years old; her birthday was Aug. 29, 1921.

She loved living at Renew this past year and was adored by all the caregivers and will be missed by many in the Roaring Fork Valley. Betty had been visiting the Roaring Fork Valley since the early 1950s, when she and her husband, Chappell Cranmer, and their six children, Susan and Holbrook Mahn, Allen, Bruce, Jeanie and Forrest Cranmer, would come to Aspen where Chappell’s mother was helping with the Aspen Music festival.

Later, in the early 1980s, Betty would come to visit her daughter, Jeanie Clark, who with her husband, Mark, were working at Colorado Rocky Mountain School. Her oldest daughter, Susan Gorman, and her husband, John, were also in Carbondale. Betty would come to take care of grandchildren and to visit old friends, like Bob and Ditty Perry.

She loved children and worked for many years at the elementary school in Granby, Colorado where she and Chappell had made their home. In 2007, she was given the Colorado Association of School Boards Award. She continued helping in the school until she was 96 years old.

She was indefatigable, tenacious, tender and one who embodied kindness. She defied death numerous times and became a living miracle to many. Her physical presence will be missed, but her spirit is a powerful source of inspiration.

A memorial service will be held at Snow Mountain Ranch, outside of Granby, on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m.