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    Applying to college in the internet age

    One of the single most defining aspects of one’s high school career is the college application process, a process near-complete but still ebbing out for most seniors today. And though the experience of applying to college has been a large part of the American teenager’s life for muchread more →

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    To trust the media, youth must help shape it

    The school year is in full swing, and while many high school students have begun submitting college applications, I’ve been putting the final touches on the next issue of the high school publication my friends and I started.

    Our publication started as an offhand more →

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    American Democracy is seriously threatened, but we can change that

    As a young person unable to vote, heightening polarization, demagogic leadership, and lack of civic engagement within the U.S. is deeply concerning to me.

    The negative effects of malignant partisanship have been warned against since the creation of the United States, and Alexander Hamilton’sread more →