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    Ozminkowski sees science in both medicine and arts

    Kaitlyn Getz Ozminkowski is an artist, known primarily for her ceramics, and an EMT at the Respiratory Acute Care Center at Rifle’s Grand River Hospital.

    Q: Where are you from and how did you end up in Carbondale?

    A: Originally I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I was working at a craft… read more →

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    Post office desperate for more mail carriers

    Several days in November there was a line out the front door of the Carbondale post office.

    Complaints swirled about potential mail delays, particularly during election season.

    Now, as the Christmas holiday season has begun — traditionally a hectic time for any post office… read more →

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    Local businesses making your ‘stuff’ last

    By Olivia Emmer
    Sopris Sun Correspondent

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2018 the U.S. generated 17 million tons of textile waste- just over 100 pounds per person. In that same year, the recycling rate for all textiles was 14.7 percent, and over 11…

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    What happens if the Pitkin County landfill closes?

    About half of Carbondale’s trash is hauled to the Pitkin County landfill, according to the Town’s hauler, Mountain Waste. The rest goes to Glenwood Springs’ South Canyon landfill. The Pitkin County landfill, if no changes are made, could close in three years, but a modest expansion is likelyread more →

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    Waiting for the storm that ends fire season

    On Thursday, Oct. 22, the Grizzly Creek Fire grew 150 acres. 

    The total burn area is now recorded at 32,641 acres and 91% contained. According to Marcia Gilles, Deputy District Ranger for the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District of the White River National Forest, “We were ableread more →

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    How to ‘cure’ an ailing ballot

    Voter registrations have been ramping up in the final weeks leading up to the election. According to Garfield County Clerk and Recorder, Jean Alberico, as of Oct. 13 there were “35,938 active registered voters and 4,662 inactive voters [in Garfield County]. Voters are only put into inactive statusread more →

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    Mail-in voting is old hat in Colorado

    Voting has begun in Colorado. Ballots were sent out to registered voters on Oct. 9. 

    Not yet registered? Not to worry. In Colorado you can register and vote through Election Day.

    Hoping to avoid voting in person? Make sure to register and request yourread more →

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    It’s our single-hauler trash-iversary

    Oct. 1 marks the start of the second year of the Town of Carbondale’s single hauler trash and recycling service. The Town’s goals in implementing the program were to reduce truck traffic, increase the landfill diversion rate, and reduce bear-trash interactions.

    “I have had a fewread more →

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    CMC hires former Parsons prof

    When Cecilia Metheny decided to leave the New York City area for Carbondale, she knew she wanted to continue teaching. 

    “I don’t think anyone on Earth teaches for money,” she said. “I think your heart’s in it or it isn’t.”

    After nearly 20 yearsread more →

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    Early snow doesn’t nix fire risk

    After an unusually hot August came to a close, farmers and gardeners braced themselves for a sudden snowstorm and possible frost the second week of September. The storm brought welcome cooler temperatures and precipitation to our drought-stricken and fire-plagued region. How does a storm like this affect theread more →