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    Local impacts of solar tariff mitigated

    Two local solar installers say the 30 percent federal tariff imposed in January on solar imports is not hurting them so far.

    The industry saw the tariff coming and bought extra product from abroad before it went into effect. What’s more, a change in Chineseread more →

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    2018 primary election guide

    Unaffiliated voters can now participate

    The Colorado primary election is at our doorstep. The voting period begins when ballots are mailed the first week in June and continues through Tuesday, June 26, the final day you can turn in your ballot. Registered Democrats will receive a…

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    Pending boat requirements protect Colorado waterways

    If you spend time on lakes and reservoirs, be advised that in addition to the boat registration requirements already in effect, there will be a new $25 stamp to buy starting in 2019. The penalty for launching your vessel without it is $100, and if you’re caught bringingread more →

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    ‘Business as usual’ after DOJ marijuana announcement

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions got rid of some Obama era guidance for legal marijuana states earlier this month, reiterating Congress’s determination that marijuana activity is a serious crime and a dangerous drug. Instead of marijuana specific guidance, prosecutors are instructed to use the general principles designed for all federal prosecutions. read more →