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    Scientists have to prove it

    A certain segment of our society repeatedly rejects science and the guidance it gives us on how to conduct our lives. The existence of evolution, climate change and the coronavirus pandemic are ignored as figments of some egghead’s imagination.

    When I took a beginning science class early in… read more →

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    The church of the hypocrites

    Submitted in Decemeber 2020

    I have a Christmas present for all you Christians out there. This atheist’s going to tell you what’s wrong with your religion.

    Mohandas Gandhi was a Hindu who read passages from the New Testament every day. When asked if heread more →

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    Journalism in a capitalist society

    Submitted in February 2021

    Bachelor of Arts History and Journalism Indiana University 1973. Many job-oriented people would say I wasted my degree because I only worked for a newspaper fulltime for a brief period in the 1990’s. I disagree.

    Our colleges and universities aren’tread more →

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    Opinion: A positive start turns sour

    It was heady days for the Colorado climate movement in 2019. Jared Polis, with a history of climate action, replaced John Hickenlooper after eight years of oil and gas industry loyalty as governor. 

    The new chairman of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Committee (COGCC) was Jeff Robbins, taking… read more →

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    God said, “The fire, not a flood next time.”

    Did the smoke rising from last summer’s Grizzly Creek Fire scare the hell outta you? Was it frustrating to go outside because you thought you’d be safer from the coronavirus and be choked by the smoke and ash?
    Does it make you heartsick to drive through… read more →

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    The View from the Therapy Pool: Celebrate, but don’t gloat

    Shortly after the 2016 election, an evangelical Christian, fervent Trump supporter friend of mine was teaching me how to use Facebook. She had me call up a scene where a group of Clinton backers were sobbing uncontrollably. I looked back at my friend and, to my dismay, sheread more →

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    Racism in my college town

    I was greatly distressed to hear Bloomington, Indiana, where I matriculated for four years in the 1960s and ‘70s at Indiana University, has become the latest battleground in what’s becoming a national race war. 

    Black human rights activist Vauhxx Booker was walking with friends by theread more →

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    Don’t forget the real superheroes

    Never been much for superhero movies. I had some interest in Spiderman because Peter Parker is a teenager with real adolescent problems. Jack Nicholson’s creepy portrayal of the Joker made the first Batman movie worth watching.

    I don’t really have issues with fantasies, but the messageread more →

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    My climate story

    As I stood on the Sopris Park gazebo looking out over the crowd that assembled for the Strike for Climate Action I organized last September, I had a combined feeling of relief, satisfaction, and extreme personal pride. It was a daunting task. I’d never done anything like thisread more →

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    COGCC wants Garco to be a partner

    Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Director Jeff Robbins came to the Aug. 21 COGCC meeting in Glenwood Springs looking for a partnership with the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners on the enforcement of the health and safety provisions of Senate Bill 181. All I can sayread more →