A special live performance of “Letter To Congress: a WILD Sanity” occupied Sustainable Settings on Aug. 25 and 26, combining spoken sentiments with dance against a wild backdrop. The core of the project is a film which will help illustrate the power of public places to lawmakers who may never experience them first hand. Almost all the footage was shot earlier this summer in various locations throughout the White River National Forest. 
Creator Deb Colley had this to say: “For most of my life, my passion for the outdoors and the performing arts have created an internal divide in myself. Pursue a professional career in dance or an undergraduate in environmental science? Move to the mountains or to a cultural and urban hotspot? Dance rehearsal or paddle boarding?
“In the end, I earned a degree in Environmental Science and spent seven years teaching in the field. I also continued to train in dance, create and perform choreography, craft sound scores, and make music with friends… 
“With this project, I have finally been able to combine these passions, utilizing creative expression as an advocate for public lands. But the mission goes beyond my personal relationship the outdoors and the arts. This project is for any American who goes to our BLM, National Forests, Monuments, Parks, and designated Wilderness Areas to for sport, vacation, and respite. This film is a direct address to our lawmakers about what our public lands mean to us as a people. It advocates for your mental health over industry and development. This film and performance is as much for you as it is for me.”