"I met this guy at Penny Hot Springs over the weekend. He was blessing the water. The dead falcon was found on the side of the road on his trip here from Denver." Photo by Beth White

Ode to the Potato

By Henry Bailey, 7th grade, Carbondale Community School

Tasty potato, good with cheese and butter but only if cooked,

Kept in woven sacks deep in cellars with other produce,

Roundish, dirty and hairy when out of the dirt but tasty if washed and baked,

The multicolored vegetable comes in brown,

Purple, blue, red, yellow, white, rusted, orange, fingerling and petite,

Stimulating potato, from Peru,

Grown big in Idaho,

Magical growth underground,

From fragments of it before, it grows,

To feed the hungry it expands,

The almighty potato!

The eyes of the potato grow and grow,

You don’t see it for months,

What happens under the soil that makes

You, your lunch.

Lots of smoke up the Crystal and elsewhere on Sept. 25. Radio news reports said the smoke came from a prescribed burn near Gateway in the far west end of the state. Photo by Lynn “Jake” Burton