It’s a treat! We’re not playing a trick on you. This is a spooky competition and if you're brave enough to search for and locate the Ghost of Cattle Creek before anybody else, you will win a shoutout on the Works in Progress page of the Sopris Sun. This ghost (it’s a “he”), inhabits a property situated along Cattle Creek Road, also known as CR 113. He can be seen from the road, so snap a photo of the ghoul before October 31st, 2023 and email it to Photo and text by Jane Bachrach

Autumn Haiku
Photo and poem by Deborah Williams

October sedum,
Shyly silent all summer,
Blushes into bloom.

By Jampa

At first I think it is a small yellow bird twirling.
Then hitting the ground,
I see it is a lowly leaf finding its own grave.