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True Nature celebrates 15 years at The Crystal Jubilee

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A stunning fall morning set the tone for a festive and inspiring day at True Nature Healing Arts as they hosted The Crystal Jubilee, a “renaissance of the awakened mind,” celebrating True Nature’s 15-year anniversary.

Founded in 2007 by Eaden and Deva Shantay, True Nature is an intentional sanctuary for visitors to explore and redefine their personal potential through workshops, events, ceremonies and retreats. The sanctuary further provides a rejuvenating spa and the lush Peace Garden to enhance one’s inner-growth.

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Coinciding with the Fall Equinox and the International Day of Peace, The Crystal Jubilee took place on Sept. 24 in the Peace Garden. While the garden readies for its winter slumber, visitors were enlivened by an eventful day which focused on intention-setting and honoring the land, accompanied by heart-centric entertainment.

“There were a lot of moving parts, but we really wanted to relate to everyone,” Andrew Whitt, Development Director of True Nature, said. “To have something for our entire community and to celebrate everyone is really important to us.”

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The day opened with a powerful tribute to peace, guided by local and national non-denominational spiritual and religious leaders who spoke about the moments that shaped their spiritual awakenings. Together, attendees and leaders shared in a breathtaking, synergistic experience that imbued world peace into the aethers. 

Following the opening ceremony, Eaden provided a guided tour while simultaneously sharing True Nature’s history and, perhaps most notably, its transition into the nonprofit sector.

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At the beginning of 2022, the Shantays gifted True Nature and all of its assets to a foundation with the intention of expanding True Nature’s positive impact. While the Foundation is still in its early phases, Whitt said they plan to expand the educational campus by attracting forward-thinking visionaries and leaders who can support the community’s desire for increased accessibility.

“We’re going to have slow, organic, intentional growth that will really benefit the community,” Whitt explained. “There is a diverse group of trustees with an array of connections who will hear from all angles — including marginalized voices — and try to implement strategies and partnerships that can make a difference on every level.”  

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As visitors envisioned the future, they stepped back into the present with a stellar five course ayurvedic inspired meal presented by the Organic Cafe. The free offering nourished visitors with an enticing menu that explored the five elements of space: air, fire, water, and earth. A dynamic selection of herbs and vegetables from the Peace Garden and speciality items from local artisans and farmers, such as Shepherd’s Bread and Seed Peace, highlighted the menu.

“I am so grateful for our cafe to rise to the occasion and want to do something for the celebration,” Whitt said. “It was really beautiful.”

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The land, which plays a vital role at True Nature, underwent a special biodynamic stir led by True Nature’s master gardener, Megan Miller, and Thompson and Colleen Bishop of Alchemy of Prana. This deliberate agricultural practice acts as the soil’s homeopathic medicine that rebalances the garden and land to increase nutrient absorption and resiliency to pests. At True Nature, mindful agriculture is imperative because it helps support the health and fertility of the land so that future generations can continue to enjoy the garden’s bounty.

While conversations flowed and mandalas and flower crowns were created for the deities, an incredible lineup of music awaited to fill the hearts and souls of guests.

In the kiva, violinist and VOICES executive director MinTze Wu performed the second half of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin, “The Playful.” The kiva accented Wu’s performance as she soared through the melodies and lifted the spirits of attendees in the waning afternoon light. 

Under a blanket of stars, Tierro Band with Bridget Law closed the event as they took the audience on a cosmic musical journey that transcended time and space. Nestled between the yoga spiral’s Aspen trees, the scene felt other-worldly as guests jubilantly danced in the nighttime glow to a lively performance of “gypsy grass” music.

Reflecting upon The Crystal Jubilee, one can say that it was the beginning of a beautiful metamorphosis for True Nature. Throughout True Nature’s transition, the celebration will continue as they look to create a more mindful and inclusive future for the community.

The Crystal Jubilee celebration invited local thought leaders such as Brook LeVan (above) and John Bruna (below) to speak from within True Nature’s kiva. Photo by Sue Rollyson

The Crystal Jubilee celebration invited local thought leaders such as Brook LeVan (above) and John Bruna (below) to speak from within True Nature’s kiva. Photo by Sue Rollyson

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