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A young girl enjoys the glowing spectacle of Light the Night with Love. Photo by Sue Rollyson. Illuminated orbs draw the attention of a young event attendee. Photo by Sue Rollyson. Bonedale Flash Mob joined other performance artists entertaining attendees. Photo by Sue Rollyson. Tickets to the event included "heart glasses" creating a fun effect with all of the colors. Photo by Sue Rollyson. Artist Keith D'Angelo and his daughter Spring with Keith's sculpture. Photo by Sue Rollyson.

Being a photographer, I attempt to use images, rather than words, to capture my experiences. However, I was so impressed by the immersive experience of the HeART Walk/Light the Night with Love event, that I feel compelled to add to my images. If you are a child of the ‘50s or ‘60s, you might have called this a “Happening.” Everywhere along the route you were invited to a sensory experience. As you walked along the luminaria-lined path with glasses that turned every beam of light into colorful hearts, you came upon installations of illuminated works of art. There were candles made of ice, floral art representing different types of relationships, flaming sculptures, and kinetic and illuminated sculptures of different materials, including the human body! Visitors’ attention was absorbed by the sounds and imagery of performance art as shared through troops of lighted dancing bodies and a drum circle backed by projected images. KDNK added to the musical setting with a special playlist and 5Point Film Festival projected some student projects with VOICES. Even Rosybelle, Carbondale Arts’ mobile maker space, was lit up at the event! It was a joyful, life-asserting experience that elicited the heart and hope for the human spirit – a foundational need for us not only at this time in history, but at all times.

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