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Thank you Carbondale

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Dear Carbondale:

Last week I was honored to attend the Colorado Creative Industries Summit in Breckenridge. I wasn’t able to attend the summit in Carbondale much last year because I was on the Tiny DeTour which was happening in conjunction in the little park on Fourth and Main.

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Remember Davey B Gravey’s Tiny Cinema? How about MEEP Records cutting live vinyl on the Tiny Home Stage which the Amazing Laura Goldhammer designed, built and slept in while in town? How about Chimney Choir at the Thunder River Theater, and the tiny art show in the airstream gallery.  It was a circus of tiny delights that I got to help bring to town and I never wrote my thank you letter to all of you who helped make it happen.

So this is it. A year later I’m going to combine it with thank yous for attending the Summit in Breck with my amazing co-creators Mateo Sandate of LET THEM ROAR and Rochelle Norwood of Scavenger Industries.  We got to roll with Amy Kimberly on the Carbondale Arts wagon which was received with all its queenly due. With their support and that of 13 Moons Ranch we drank in the thrill of Creativity as a Natural Resource, cherished by the State of Colorado.

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Come see, come play.

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Now, finally, my deepest heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to doing things in a different way, shirking the system a little where it has grown out of proportion, bringing in a bit of tiny, a bit of slow, a bit of actual, a bit of live, a bit of never gonna get that again anywhere. Thank you especially to: Carbondale Arts and the Carbondale Creative District, Dave Taylor at Cool Brick Studios, Jennifer Catto, Kay Brunnier, Doug Tucker, Pam Rosenthal, Aaron Taylor, Ron Speaker, Illene Pevec and Alleghany Meadows for their financial support of last Year’s DeTour. Also, of course Gavin Dahl and the news team at KDNK for covering all of it and Jesse Elliot of the Ft. Collins Music District and his team for wrangling it all. Thank you to those I have forgotten for your support and forgiveness. Creativity is the new Natural Gas and I’d be delighted to help you invest, like these wise people, in this abundant and self generating natural resource. Stay tuned.

Olivia Pevec

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