Dear Editor:

I am totally tickled that Diane Mitsch Bush is running to take the place of SGI shill and pansy Tipton. Diane works hard to gain the confidence of conservative people, towns, and counties in the northern Colorado area. She is very deserving of her House seat and works across the aisle to make things happen in her time in congress. I first learned to appreciate her in her role with the Railroad Transportation Authority as she rattled off the towns and entities that gave her a proxy to vote their needs. She understands what humans need and is not blinded by corporate dollars. She put forward bills to give small producers of alcohol some leeway to make their business work, bills that give the environment we depend on the support it needs, for the Transportation committee she kept costs down while producing efficiencies. In the Co River Plan she has shown leadership and insight helping regions to collaborate on dealing with people and environmental water needs.  Give her what support you can and hope that the next federal house in congress has her excellent, thoughtful presence.

John Hoffmann