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    You may not bite the hand that feeds you, but wildlife might!

    By Amy Hadden Marsh and Myki Jones

    April in Colorado brings longer, warmer days, a hint of green to the landscape and a chance — between the occasional snow storm — to get outside and shake off some cabin fever. It’s also when local ungulates raise their young and venture… read more →

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    Branching Out: So much life, right here

    Highway 133 rocks. Specifically, the bucolic stretch between the fish hatchery and the KOA. Thanks to ranching and open space, we have a “national park” right here. The diversity of wildlife in this four-mile stretch is more than I’ve seen anywhere else in the state — and that’s with half… read more →

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    Branching out: The key to life

    Returning West as a young adult, two things blew me away: its screaming blue skies and the alkaline pungency of its landscape. My entire physical body recognized both as home; deserts and mountains were the playground of my earliest years. In the weeks before moving onto campus, I gathered armfuls… read more →

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    Critical habitat designation for lynx reconsidered in Colorado

    On April 25, Wilderness Workshop (WW) and WildEarth Guardians, a national nonprofit, secured a legal agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) that directed the agency to once again reevaluate critical habitat for the Canada lynx.

    The agreement was approved by the District Court of Montana, and the… read more →

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    CRMS invites you to be an osprey host

    If you’ve been along Highway 82 by El Jebel and Basalt, or driven 133 through Carbondale, you’ve probably seen these majestic beauty perched in massive nests atop a lamppost, power pole, bridge or other tall structures. Though not social with humans, ospreys certainly take advantage of our infrastructure. They have… read more →

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    How to obtain a hunting license

    Applying for a hunting license can be confusing at first. Between Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) regulations and plain old hunter strategy, I’m still learning the ins and outs, 20 years in. If you’re even reading this, you’re most likely a new hunter, so we’ll stick to the basics together… read more →

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    Trophy hunting ban bill dies in committee

    That was fast. Senate Bill 31 — a measure that would have prohibited trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats and lynx in Colorado — was introduced in the state legislature on Jan. 12 and, less than 30 days later, died in committee. The state Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee,… read more →

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    Eagles celebrate a win in Aspen Glen

    The commissioners started the regular session on Monday, Oct. 11, by ratifying yet another letter to the Colorado Congressional Redistricting Commission. “This is getting to be old news,” quipped Commissioner Tom Jankovsky, “this is the third time around.”

    Jankovsky addressed the third, and latest Colorado Senateread more →

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    A WILD Afternoon


    Celebrate the end of Summer Reading and learn about local wildlife! Join us at the New Castle Community Center to hear stories about animals rescued by the PSS Wildlife Foundation and learn what to do if you find an injured or abandoned wild animal. You will even get to visit…

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    Injured Wildlife 101

    A cow elk with a bar stool stuck on her head. Courtesy image.

    In December, my housemate discovered a buck in our yard with an injured leg and mangled antler.
    What do you do for injured wildlife?
    “Ideally, leave it alone and…

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