White River National Forest

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    Sweetwater on the rocks

    Sweetwater Lake has turned into a thorn in the side of the Garfield County Commissioners, caught off guard when Governor Jared Polis declared that the newly purchased federal land may become Colorado’s 43rd state park. 

    In September 2019, during a public meeting the commissioners discussed the plan of the… read more →

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    Celebremos al aire libre

    Por Omar Sarabia

    Director de Defiende Nuestra Tierra

    El día Sábado, 23 de Julio, Defiende Nuestra Tierra junto con el Aspen Institute y el Servicio Forestal del White River, unieron esfuerzos para celebrar la Semana de la Conservación Latina en un evento llamado «Celebremos al Aire Libre».

    Foto de… read more →

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    Lead King Loop debate continues

    By Alex Menard
    Sopris Sun Correspondent

    In about a month, Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) will return to Marble and the Lead King Loop (LKL) in great numbers. During the annual quiet winter period, the Lead King Loop Working Group (LKLWG) met for over 30read more →

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    E-bikes gain traction

    By the end of March, the U.S. Forest Service announced finalized guidelines for districts that wish to expand the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) on its trails in the future. 

    E-bikes are currently permitted on all Forest Service roads and 60,000 miles worth of motorized accessible trails — which… read more →

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    Input sought for Sweetwater management

    Although it’s over the hill and through the woods, Sweetwater Lake is still part of Garfield County and of particular interest to outdoor enthusiasts. 

    For decades, the acreage has fluctuated between private landowners but was recently sold, yet again, to the most attractive bidder: theread more →

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    Hanging Lake trail damage closes public access

    Damage from recent debris flows closed the Hanging Lake trail for the remainder of 2021 and work to restore the trail could continue into 2023. Thankfully, the area’s ecology is showing signs of a quick recovery. According to White River National Forest hydrologist Justin Anderson, “We saw intenseread more →

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    News Analysis: The demise of dispersed camping

    The Forest Service’s new management plan for the Crested Butte area is one of the most substantial moves away from “boondocking” in favor of established campgrounds we’ve seen in our neck of the woods — and I’m strangely okay with it.

    Your own reaction, I’m guessing, comesread more →

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    Putting the brakes on Marble’s ATV frenzy

    Sitting on the porch of a small cottage just beyond Marble town limits, I enjoyed a warm spring day, feeling that I was truly in the wilderness. Local residents are trying to soak up that feeling before the tourist season arrives, and, along with it: ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, which… read more →

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    WRNF explores aspen forest management

    The White River National Forest (WRNF) is seeking public comment on a proposal to manage aspen forests. The project cites declining aspen forests due to drought, insects, disease, wildfire suppression, and browsing pressure.
    The WRNF’s motivations for preserving and expanding aspen forest-types include “their scenic value, the important wildlife… read more →

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    Lynx tolerate recreation, but rely on limited habitat

    On Feb. 4, Lucretia Olson, ecologist for the Rocky Mountain Research Station of the United States Forest Service (USFS), will present her research on lynx in Colorado as part of Naturalist Nights. This local series is hosted by Wilderness Workshop, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, and Roaring Fork… read more →