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    TRTC rebrands at 25

    Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an open house gala and cabaret at their building on Saturday, June 25. The event will feature food trucks, including Mama’s Pierogi, and a bar for adult attendees courtesy of Marble Distilling. 

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    TRTC delivers two art forms at once

    It’s a rare occurrence for Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC), or any theater, to have two openings in the same week. In this case, only one of the two is a theatrical opening. Still, for TRTC, it’s a first worth celebrating.

    A theatrical performance, “Circle Mirror Transformation,” opens on Thursday,… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt - 9 de diciembre

    Electric road show

    On Dec. 11, CLEER, Garfield Clean Energy, Xcel Energy and Grid Alternatives are putting on an eclectic vehicle road show at the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Rifle. Attendees can test drive a variety of electric vehicles. Under a Xcel Energy rebate, income eligible people can qualify for… read more →