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    Systemic Family Constellation Workshop


    From a systemic perspective, illness and patterns that have been difficult to resolve can be a result of trauma and entanglements from within our family, and ancestral lineage.
    A workshop session can bring awarenesses and change to these patterns and how they have been internalized. When we are able…

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    'It ain’t dying I’m talkin’ about — it’s living'

    On Monday night, Dec. 6, a group gathered at the Third Street Center to watch Tim Wilson’s 2008 documentary “Griefwalker.” The evening was hosted by Rita Marsh of The Center for Human Flourishing (formerly Davi Nikent) and Akaljeet Khalsa, a local practitioner of the healing arts, who recentlyread more →

  • Trauma Release Exercises Drop-in Session thumbnail

    Trauma Release Exercises Drop-in Session


    TRE® is a simple technique that uses exercises to release stress or tension from the body that accumulates from everyday circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences (i.e., natural disasters, social or domestic violence).
    TRE® is a set of seven exercises…

  • Vibrational Sound Journey with Zachary Cashin thumbnail

    Vibrational Sound Journey with Zachary Cashin


    An invitation from Dr. Zachary Cashin…
    “Please join me on for a sound healing journey in the cozy atmosphere of the Round Room.
    We will be exploring the concept of present moment awareness and establishing a foundation for living the experience.
    Many teachers have come forth recently…

  • Healing With Nature – a day with author, adventurer Jon Turk thumbnail

    Healing With Nature - a day with author, adventurer Jon Turk


    Jon’s invitation to adventure with him for a day…
    This workshop will borrow from techniques that extreme adventure athletes use to stay alive in dangerous expeditions, and scale them down to finding Presence in everyday situations.
    After spending decades on arduous expeditions to remote and often dangerous land-…

  • Whole Foods Plant Based Potluck! thumbnail

    Whole Foods Plant Based Potluck!


    Pre Thanksgiving celebration with the Whole Foods Plant Based Community!

    Join the growing community of people who are enjoying the results of choosing a Whole Foods Plant Based LIFE!

    Hear about the shifts that they have experienced – weight loss, increased energy, changes in blood chemistry ie lower blood sugar…

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    “Hoodwinked” unravels limitations

    “Hoodwinked” is a nonfiction book by Carbondale resident Larry Gottlieb. The title is derived from a word that means “to deceive or trick; to blindfold.” The work of this part-memoir, part-thesis is to remove that blindfold and welcome the reader into the myriad of possibilities existing just beyond their self-fulfilling… read more →

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    Davi Nikent "rebrands" keeping spirit

    The Center for Human Flourishing, located at the Third Street Center, has spiraled into its identity much like a person, focusing its expression for the benefit of our community. The nonprofit derives its name from Dr. Elliott Dacher’s definitions of integral health, addressing the entirety of human experience:read more →