Sweet Cream Dreams

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    Random conversations bud fresh relationships

    Did someone once tell you not to talk to strangers? A new Carbondale resident is challenging that age-old axiom with an event series designed to take people out of their comfort zones and into meaningful conversation. 

    “The Lost Art of Random Conversations” is a community-building event created by Tom… read more →

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    Craft Coffeehouse in Carbondale closes its doors

    The historic building at 689 Main Street has seen several businesses come and go over the past decade — from Six89 to The Way Home — and in the coming months it will transition through yet another phase. Craft Coffeehouse will shut its doors in Carbondale on Dec. 22, 2022… read more →

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    Childhood friends fill a sweet niche

    Ice cream lovers rejoice! Carbondale once again has a dedicated ice cream bar and it’s open late on weekends. Sweet Cream Dreams is the creation of two relative newcomers to Carbondale, best friends turned business partners.

    Growing up in Springfield, Missouri, Isaac Hendry and Joel Nachtigal enjoyed a childhood typical… read more →