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    How do we behave when Source presents itself?

    Life arises from the mother of waters, from Source. Life ignites when fire enters water. Children grow, give form to water, stand tall, walk, begin to run and speak. Being a child in this valley can be a blessing. Dwelling on Earth is a sacred gift involving relationships and more →

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    Autumn reflections on restoring balance

    As the sun crossed the equator this equinox, day and night were approximately of equal length. The water flow in the river is low and slow. Patterns of flowing current around rocks are smaller, quieter and a yellow leaf is swirling in an eddy. Does balance between lightread more →

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    Springtime at the Source

    By Will Evans

    Each morning

    I greet the mountain

    with gratitude

    and am nourished by

    fresh water

    I am

    mostly water,

    as a descendant

    of Source. 

    I grow in an awareness,

    Source and I are One.

    Buried inside my essence

    a fire awakens and

    I see the world through a… read more →