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    Ps & Qs: The Grinch is going to jail

    On Christmas day, my brother-in-law saw the Grinch getting arrested. He lives in a city much bigger than our Whoville-sized Carbondale, and he said a crowd watched as the police handcuffed and loaded the Grinch into a patrol car.

    “And you didn’t get a picture?!” I exclaimed when I heard… read more →

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    Aron Diaz challenges Carrie Couey for GarCo treasurer

    In March of 2020, Republican Carrie Couey was appointed to serve as Garfield County’s treasurer after Karla Bagley resigned. Aron Diaz, running as a Democrat, asserts the appointment of Couey, former county chair of the Republican Party, was “partisan cronyism” and he aims to unseat Couey this November.read more →

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    Letters - Oct. 13, 2022

    Faith in LGBTQ+
    We, faith leaders serving the Roaring Fork Valley and representing over 600 members, extend our unwavering support to the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) for all efforts to support gender expansive/nonconforming students. As a community, we are called to protect the vulnerable amongread more →

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    Boebert and Frisch duke it out at Club 20

    The final Club 20 debate on Saturday, Sept. 10 in Grand Junction, was between the Third Congressional District’s Republican incumbent, Lauren Boebert, and Democrat challenger Adam Frisch.

    Boebert’s opening remarks weighed heavily on criticizing Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House. “Nancy Pelosi is runningread more →

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    Ps & Qs: Arnie goes to the big city

    I recently went down to the big city of Denver, and WOW! I felt like Country Mouse showing up at the door of an old family friend in my worn-out coat and hat, carrying an old square suitcase. Such a busy, bustling place, yet everyone just goes about their own… read more →

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    Get to know your gubernatorial candidates

    Election season is heating up! The Sopris Sun is bringing you interviews from candidates in contested races ahead of the June 28 primary. This week, we focus on Colorado’s gubernatorial race. To begin, incumbent Governor Jared Polis, who is running unopposed in the Democratic primary, reflects on his first term… read more →

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    Opinion: A positive start turns sour

    It was heady days for the Colorado climate movement in 2019. Jared Polis, with a history of climate action, replaced John Hickenlooper after eight years of oil and gas industry loyalty as governor. 

    The new chairman of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Committee (COGCC) was Jeff Robbins, taking… read more →