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    The girl with the green thumb

    Translation by Julian Nihill

    Vanessa Harmony is an excellent model for our new era: innovative, dynamic and concerned about the environment. Breaking from the social convention of marrying and having children, she embarked on studying and rigorously experimenting with nature. Now, professionally, she observes, cares for and curates the healthy… read more →

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    TRTC opens season with ‘Hurricane Diane’

    Thunder River Theatre Company is opening their 2022-2023 season on Sept. 30, with Pulitzer prize finalist Madeleine George’s original comedy “Hurricane Diane.” The show, directed by Tony nominated actress, Beth Malone, centers on a titular character, Diane — a permaculturalist, who is also the incarnation of the Greek God of… read more →

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    CRMPIng along for a better future

    Jerome Osentowki — an internationally-recognized permaculture pioneer — began farming on Basalt Mountain in the 1970s. Nearly 50 years later, the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI) is one of the oldest established demonstration sites in the United States. Operating at 7,200 feet in elevation, CRMPI has attracted students from… read more →