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    Gathering for balance, healing and respect

    Breathing in the fresh mountain air, Will Evans of Carbondale sat with reverence by the rushing waters of the Crystal River. In a quiet state, he became entranced by the intensity of the river’s movement as it cascaded down from the mountains to the valley we call home. At that… read more →

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    Conscious Peacemaking - an essential skill for the 21st Century


    Part 1 June 16th at Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale
    Growing a culture of peacemakers may be an essential step in our way forward out of the fear, separation and isolation created by the pandemic with its multitude of side-effects and the socio-political schism that has…

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    Russia-Ukraine crisis: beyond “good” and “evil”

    Like many, I watched the news in horror and shock in the early morning hours of Feb. 24, to see the visceral uncertainty and chilling reigniting of the Cold War as Russian forces stormed the Ukrainian borders from all sides. After weeks of buildup, political rhetoric and international tension, that… read more →

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    Bits & Pieces: Re-learning the family reunion

    I swear, yesterday I saw summer poking its head around the corner. That means our summer weekends are filling up fast. First stop: family reunion. Whooee, do I have mixed feelings on going over to Delta County for a weekend of mingling with a bunch of characters onread more →