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    'No Big Deal' author, Torey Ivanic, broaches tough topics

    Trigger warning: This article touches upon topics of child sexual abuse, grooming, suicide and other forms of trauma. 

    On Sept. 1, River Bridge Regional Center hosted a presentation on child abuse and child “grooming” at the Roaring Fork School District building in Carbondale. Guest speaker Torey Ivanic,… read more →

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    Festival de la fresa está de vuelta

    Traducción Dolores Duarte 

    El 125avo festival “Strawberry Days” -Días o festival de la fresa de Glenwood Springs pronto estará aquí. Después de una pausa de dos años, debido a la pandemia, la diversión regresa del 17 al 19 de junio en el parque Two Rivers. read more →

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    Valley Folk: Shoota Baby

    It’s no secret that the Roaring Fork Valley is brimming with a wide variety of artists, ranging from painters to performers. The live events span many genres, including country/bluegrass, folk, punk and rock. The Valley is not, however, known especially for hip-hop and rap music. This may change,read more →

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    Legacy Dance Company teaches with empathy

    Legacy Dance Company (LDC) of Glenwood Springs is preparing for its fifth annual dance recital — “Legends of Dance” — which will take place May 6-7 at Glenwood Springs High School, starting at 6:30 p.m.

    LDC hosts dance classes for everyone from 18 months of ageread more →

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    Garfield County Report: Mystery Ranch proposal introduced

    Garfield County Commissioners took nearly seven hours to address the agenda at their Feb. 7 meeting. For more information about the agenda, an assortment of attachments, and a recording of the entire meeting, visit

    The latter part of the meeting included topics pertaining to community development. During a… read more →

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    New York dance group inspires local collaboration

    As part of its residency program, Dance Initiative will host New York based performance company NVA & Guests from Jan. 29 to Feb. 7. The residency will culminate with a performance at The Arts Campus at Willits (TACAW) on Feb. 5. This collaboration is one of the first to come… read more →

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    Pet adoptions surge trailed by surrenders

    As people were told to stay home in 2020, due to the initial spread of COVID-19, pet adoptions from animal shelters skyrocketed. However, in 2021, animal shelters across the country have reported a record amount of those same animals being returned, or surrendered, to shelters.

    Coloradoread more →

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    SoL Theatre returns to the stage with a holiday classic

    The Stage of Life Theatre Company (SoL Theatre) recently presented “Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story,” an adaptation by Jerry R. Montoya of the Charles Dickens classic. This was the nonprofit youth theater company’s first live performance since March of 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdowns went into more →

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    Learn to use — and recognize — the Signal for Help

    The universal Signal for Help, a hand gesture that was created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), has been gaining traction across several social media platforms. 

    CWF is a nonprofit that focuses on aiding women, girls and gender-diverse people to escape situations of poverty andread more →

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    Review: “As Close as I Can” by Cassidy Willey

    Thunder River Theatre Company recently debuted Cassidy Willey’s original piece, “As Close As I Can,” a show based on her personal experiences. Willey became a mother as she was dealing with the loss of her parents. The production, which runs 45 minutes, was first performed at the Denver Fringe Festival… read more →