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    CORE seeks to measure escaping methane from Coal Basin

    On Thursday, March 31, approximately 70 people gathered at the Third Street Center for a presentation about a potential methane capture project in Coal Basin, near Redstone. Coal Basin was once the site of a large coal mining operation that removed an estimated 22 million tons of coalread more →

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    CVEPA Views: Weighing methane capture

    The view from the Dutch Creek Mine Number One, above Redstone, was breathtaking but the air was breathless. The stillness made the constant coursing of the methane gas from the old mine portal even more pronounced. 

    Chris Caskey is a climatologist from Paonia and owner of the Delta Brick… read more →

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    Coalition grapples with climate pollution at local defunct mine

    Redstone used to be a coal mining town. From the 1950s until the early nineties, Mid-Continent Resources extracted coal from several mines in Coal Basin. Some reports say the company produced in excess of 21 million tons of coal.

    These days, the Crystal River valley boastsread more →