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    LGBTQ book challenged in local libraries

    Book challenges in 2022 are set to exceed those of 2021, according to data released by the American Library Association (ALA) ahead of September’s Banned Books Week.
    Across the nation, the most frequently challenged books contain: LGBTQ topics or characters; sex, abortion, teen pregnancy or puberty; race or racism… read more →

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    Jamie LaRue trae nuevos conocimientos al GCPLD

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Durante la mayor parte de un año, el Distrito de Bibliotecas Públicas del Condado de Garfield (GCPLD) estuvo sin un director ejecutivo oficial. El anterior director ejecutivo del distrito renunció en agosto de 2021, precedido por varios otros empleados, incluidos cuatro de los seis directores de… read more →

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    Recommended Reading: Love is 'strange'

    By Amy Krakow 
    Carbondale Library 

    It’s the amorous month of February, so it would be appropriate to review a romantic novel. Instead, however, I am going to steal an arrow from Cupid’s quiver and review a hilarious and sensitive graphic novel that I’m madly in love with.… read more →

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    Recommended Reading: “The Summer of Lost Letters”

    By Jamie Dale

    GCPLD Youth Services Coordinator 

    As a child, I would often leave fake love letters hidden in the walls of houses while we were moving out. 

    I wanted desperately to find one of these hidden messages myself; toread more →