Dale Will

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    Land conservation as an act of philanthropy

    On Dec. 20, 2022, Jeff and Janette Bier donated 8.5 acres adjacent to the Marble Wetlands to the Trust for Land Restoration (TLR). The 55-acre Marble Wetlands was donated to TLR a year earlier by an anonymous individual. These properties lie between lands already owned by the Division of Colorado… read more →

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    Thoughts on the Hayden, the Meeker Uprising, and the Crystal Trail

    When Ferdinand Hayden’s team of surveyors entered the Crystal Valley in 1873, they noted the existence of a “hardened trail” running from the summit of what is now known as Schofield Pass down to the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. At this point, the surveyors were the… read more →

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    CVEPA Views: Local Food in the Crystal Valley

    By Dale Will

    It wasn’t long ago that many were predicting the end of agriculture in our valley. Rising real estate values were seen as the death knell to our local capacity to grow food. Fortunately, we’re now in the midst of a true renaissance in public concern about local… read more →

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    A closer look at Pitkin County Open Space and Trails

    “If you want to walk in the grocery store and buy something that was grown locally, that tastes good, then you’ve got to invest resources in protecting the land base.”
    This is the vision and mission of Acquisition and Special Projects Director Dale Will, with Pitkin County Open Space… read more →

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    Conserved ranch looks to future

    At the end of 2020, a conservation easement that had been in negotiation for more than five years came to fruition. Sunfire Ranch, over 1,200 acres near the confluence of the Crystal River and Thompson Creek, sold a $10M conservation easement to Pitkin County Open Space and Trails (PCOST). Support… read more →