Climate Action

  • First Friday Climate March


    March to celebrate spring and call for climate action, including the national, “No Mow May,” letting your lawn grow long for the month for the sake of pollinators and our air. Accompanied by the New Orleans-style marching band the Dandy Lions!…

  • Humanity and the “Age of the Great Forgetting” video thumbnail

    Humanity and the “Age of the Great Forgetting” video


    Join us for the streaming of a video with a distinguished panel of wisdom keepers calling forth information from our past that can shine light on the way forward in these challenging times.

    Let’s watch together then join in dialogue on how the information presented compels us to act in…

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    Addressing climate change in Colorado relies on Xcel

    In 2018, Governor Polis signed his Climate Action “Roadmap,” setting targets for cutting the state’s global warming emissions by 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. Of course, the law contained no enforcement mechanisms. In 2021, frustrated at the Polis Administration’s lack of measurable progress, and with pressureread more →