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Skating and skiing at CRES

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As an outside observer, I can share how delighted I was to see how much these kids helped each other, from latching down skates, getting boots into bindings, pushing each other on chairs, helping each other up, etc. Just seeing how much most of them enjoy being outside and moving and playing, without the rules of a sport and the freedom to pursue the activity in any way they choose… it was such a delight! 

Some were completely locked into the physical activity (like one hockey player) and others were more social. I did not hear one complaint about snow or cold! Marty has done so much to make this available to our K-4 kids and, by my observations, it is a beneficial program on so many levels; not only the physical movement but cooperation, determination, perseverance, etc.

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Left to right: Jeydan Telles Medrano, Aranza Flores Serafin, Estefania Vega, Alan Villata Ramirez and Max Garcia Perez.

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Left to right: Zuzu Machavariani, Estefania Vega, Aspen Cervantes, Marayra Marin Lorenzo and second grade teacher Mary Lewis.

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Paphawit Akarapanont and James Clapper sharpen their skills.

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