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Satank neighbors celebrate redneck heritage

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An invite-only event exclusively for past, present — and sometimes future residents, the Redneck Olympics are usually held in June, and always in Satank.

In May of 2017, I texted my neighbor, Mark Taylor, to get his water meter reading, as I did every month. He texted back, “as soon as we schedule the Redneck Olympics.” And so, we picked a weekend in June and lined up a few houses to host the First Annual Satank Redneck Olympics; essentially a block party, this gives neighbors the chance to get together and show off their skill sets.

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Axe-throwing and sawball, Spam sculpting, Pin-the-Mask-on-Fauci: these are the kind of activities that Satankers excel at, and the food — oh yeah! Meatballs, corn dogs, mac and cheese with redneck calamari (tastes a lot like hotdog) plus endless cans of Bud and Miller Lite.

Honestly, what more could a working wo/man want on a hot summer afternoon…

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