Roaring Fork School District

The Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) is narrowing in on its search for a new superintendent to replace Rob Stein at the end of the school year. Three finalists will travel to the Valley to meet the community and get a glimpse of what they might expect in the Valley.

Each candidate will spend a day in the district touring the schools, participating in advisory committee meetings and spending the evening getting to know the community. Community forums will take place at the Carbondale District Office (400 Sopris Avenue) at 7 p.m., with Jesús Rodríguez on April 14, Jose “Joe” Lopez on April 18 and Tammy Clementi on April 19. The district’s board of education hopes to announce the new superintendent at its April 27 meeting. 

The Sopris Sun had the opportunity to ask each of the finalists one question, and considering that all of the candidates are from outside of the Valley, this is what we went with: “What motivates you to move to the Roaring Fork Valley to support education in this region?

Here are their responses in their own words. 

Jesús Rodríguez
I was born in Denver and grew up in a community on the Front Range similar to those in the Roaring Fork Valley. Creating high-quality educational opportunities for students has been my life’s work as a bilingual teacher, principal, higher education leader and currently as deputy chief academic officer in one of the largest school districts in the country. 

Great teachers made a huge difference in my life. I am looking for a home where I too can directly and significantly impact the lives of young people. There is great work already happening in the Roaring Fork schools and I am motivated to build on it by working collaboratively to ensure that every student receives the world-class education that they deserve. My wife and I would love to return to Colorado and raise our young son in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Jose “Joe” Lopez

My family and I love the outdoors. We both grew up in smaller communities like Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Basalt. The RFSD is founded on down-home values, a commitment to equity and excellence and supports the education of the whole child. These attributes of the RFSD are very important to me. 

If given the opportunity to serve as superintendent of the RFSD, you will see my family and me participating in community events and becoming part of the fabric of the community. I truly believe that together we can continue the academic excellence of the RFSD through collaboration, teamwork, professionalism and a high level of accountability. My family and I are looking forward to meeting with all the stakeholders of the RFSD on Monday, April 18.

Tammy Clementi
Love this question! Moving to the Roaring Fork Valley to serve and support education, for me, always starts with two questions: What is the need? How can I serve? My skill set 100% aligns with the areas identified in the leadership profile (cumulative responses by stakeholders) needing support. My life’s work has centered around ensuring we are executing the equitable practices in our schools that allows every child to succeed. This is the work that keeps me up at night and lights my fire to continue to advocate and champion for every child! 

Additionally, RFSD is ripe to break through to the next level of excellence. The competence and dedication of the staff and community is the secret sauce to making magic happen. I am excited to work with folks who share the same desire I have for the students in our schools. When there is unity in our work together, regardless of the climb and growing pains, it makes our work that much more rewarding. Living and serving in the Roaring Fork Valley is the icing on the cake. The Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado. I am a Colorado native whose passion is appreciating and playing in our great outdoors… So, to live and work in the Roaring Fork Valley would be a dream come true!