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Dear Editor:

There is a time and a season for all things and it’s time to recognize a long-time local business. I have been dealing with them for 30 years. It amazes me it has never changed. They continue to consistently provide friendly, efficient service to everyone who walks through their door.

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The business is the Phillips 66 Station owned by Jim Wheeler and his lovely wife, Mary. Oh, and Bruce… Bruce I think came with the building. He has answered their phone in the same gentle tone and is standing in the same place when you arrive as he has for all these years.

They service your vehicles, they patiently listen to you try and explain about that funny little sound, somewhere, that is causing you palpitations; they come out to your house to change a flat on your horse trailer because you have to get your horse somewhere; they drive you home when you can’t wait for your car; they save you from the humiliation and disaster of driving off with the gas pump hose still in your tank, and change your windshield wipers because you can’t figure it out yourself.

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In spite of the very small area for their pays, and limited parking, they always manage to get things moved around to accommodate your needs and schedules. The best part — they are more affordable than the grocery store. To me, they are the “grease monkey angels” of Carbondale.

A quality local business such as the Wheeler’s should be applauded and patronized by our community. My personal thanks to Jim, Mary, Bruce and all the great guys behind the scenes.

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Patsy Teague Morrison


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