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Obituary: Louise Lafitte

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December 5, 1961 – October 28, 2022

Louise was a wonderful and talented woman, a ripple in still water. Her smile was a sparkling light, brightening her face, her eyes and the lives of those around her. She touched many hearts and souls through music, cooking, dancing and caring for her furry family. Louise was a brilliant and quick-witted lady. Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, she had many activities that kept her busy. She was in the Girl Scouts, where she learned various skills and gained many lifelong friends. She was active in radio and drama, and she loved her Byrd High School Drama Team. During her years in high school and college, she played bass with the symphony orchestras in Shreveport and Marshall, Texas. 

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From skiing with Jacques Pepin to saving the day with deep-fried food, Louise did it all. She graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana with degrees in music and psychology. She dazzled the taste buds of celebrities and guests from Aspen to Redstone with her creative dishes, dances, smile and good conversation. While cooking during a blizzard for a prince, Louise received praise for preparing “the most beautiful cheese tray he had ever seen.” She had an incredible work ethic and kept the whole kitchen crew happy during long shifts. She loved skiing and loved hitting the town afterward for dining and dancing.

Later in life, Louise ran a sound system business and volunteered for her favorite radio station, KDNK. She visited local farms and enjoyed canning her own food on her wood-burning stove. She was very active and loved to hike the mountain trails and down to the river near her home; she did so until a chronic illness took her from us. She is dearly loved and missed by everyone she touched. She is survived by her sister, Emily Lafitte, and brother, Lanier Lafitte. Please consider donating to KDNK in her memory (

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