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Nothing simple about bike trail

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Dear Editor:

Crystal River Trail discussions have been ongoing since the 1990’s. I will get right to the point of my letter.

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I would ask Bill Spence what he is referring to when he says ‘a simple bike trail’. What is this? When there is a bike trail or any type of trail is it not ‘simple’.  OST has huge monies, taxpayers monies. I would say their plan to protect and preserve land is a great way to spend money. Is it perfect? Probably not. I don’t know any taxpayer spent money that is perfectly done. Hence, decades of ongoing discussions about this trail alignment.

Current management studies are not completed, therefore I do not understand language suggesting those final results. Reasonable persons include many who live in the Crystal River Valley and have spent years working with OST and others to come to a reasonable alignment plan. A Bike Trail does not take precedent over existing homes, existing wildlife habitat, existing highway or existing hunting areas. Human consumption does not rule when it comes to pristine areas in the Crystal River Valley or any other place.

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Also, in the years I have spent in discussions and attending public meetings about this trail, I have never once heard an opposition to the trail as a concept.

In other commentaries about the trail there is reference and comparison to the Galapagos Islands and beyond.

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The Crystal River Valley is unique. There will not be hundreds of homes built in the future because there is no land to build on. The River is protected.

I am a reasonable person who lives full time in the CRV and will always work toward the best alignment of this proposed trail.

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Nancy Chromy


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