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Not your garden-variety Farmers Market

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Surprise, surprise! You’ll still get to buy fresh local produce at Fourth and Main this summer after all. Wednesday, June 10 will kick off this year’s Carbondale Farmers Market (CFM) which will continue each Wednesday thereafter through September. 

As you may have already guessed there will be some noticeable differences this year. CFM manager Jamie Wall fills us in on what to expect. 

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“We plan on following all the guidelines,” Wall states, “even though they do change frequently.” Because things tend to evolve quickly, Wall is regularly in touch with the Colorado Farmers’ Market Association (CFMA) and Garfield County Public Health (GCPH).  

Wall has been Zooming in for CFMA meetings each week to get ideas about how other markets are operating safely. As a result, she’s hoping to implement ideas like curbside pick up where customers can actually pre-order online. She has also collected intel from CFMA regarding proper booth spacing

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At the recommendation of GCPH each vendor must have their own hand washing station and wash their hands between each transaction. There will be separate hand washing stations for customers to use. Marble Distilling Co. has also donated hand sanitizer. 

To ensure that people are keeping their distance only two customers can be at a booth at a time. There are about 25 vendors registered this year. 

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Patrons will not be able to handle produce before they purchase it but will have to rely on their eyes and a helpful booth tender. There should be two workers at each booth; one handling the money and the other the goods. Food is also not to be consumed within the market — including prepared food which will only be offered to-go. 

Due to distancing regulations, some familiarities will be omitted this year, such as live music. That said, artistic expression will still have its place — it is Carbondale. Wall was pleased to announce that “We will have artisan vendors, they just need to follow the guidelines.”

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The mission in Walls words is, “Getting people to still come and support our local farmers,”  and the goal is to keep everyone safe. 

On another note, this will be the first year CFM  will have an intern. A bright scholar attending Colorado Mountain College, Katrina McAlpine, will be the first to take on the new role. McAlpine has a background in addressing food insecurity which is an aspect Wall hopes to expand on in the future. “She has a lot to bring to the table,” Wall says of McAlpine

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Customers are able to use $20.00 worth of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits as well as Double Up Food Bucks to shop at the market. 

Wall points out that “It is a privilege we’re having this.” So as long as consumers are willing to sacrifice small liberties, like having their faces uncovered, they’ll all share in the bounty this year — which is hopefully ample due to farmers, assumingly, spending even more time at home like everyone else. 

Any potential vendors, volunteers or future customers with inquiries can contact Wall at 

2020 Carbondale Farmers Market COVID 19 Guidelines

  • If you are ill, do NOT attend the market
  • Wash or sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the market
  • Do not linger/socialize in/out of market area
  • Face coverings are required
  • Follow social distancing guidelines
  • Vendors will serve you: do not handle products until paid
  • Do not consume food in the market
  • When possible, pay by card or use exact change 
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