Dead Editor:

A volunteer is essentially a fairy: “a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having diminutive human form and magic powers.” Here in Carbondale our fairy volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and forms. We are lucky to have a long legacy of volunteerism that is essential for the success of organizations and events. Many also agree that Carbondale has a strong presence of magic and mystery that keeps creativity flowing.

So, what is the thread? Step right up and be one of 300+ volunteers at THE summer party: the 46th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair from July 28 thru July 30 in Sopris Park, at the foot of the magical Mount Sopris! This year’s theme is WATER.

You can sign up online at Carbondale Arts ) or in person at the volunteer tent. There are so many ways to get involved. I am partial to the fun and rewarding green team. With help from many trash fairies over the years we have maintained a 90% or more landfill diversion waste each year with composting and recycling. This is a great way for parents to work alongside their middle and high school-age kids to learn about sustainability and be a part of the town and the fair. Spread the word and get involved. ( Huzzah!

Jason White