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A love affair… with plants

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Valentine’s Day 2018 is history, but for Carbondale entrepreneur Sarah Villafranco, it seems like every day is Valentine’s Day as far as her love affair with plants goes.
The former ER doctor is so particular about the quality of ingredients and plants that go into her Osmia Organic skin care products that many of the plants are quite rare and shipped from overseas. For example, one of her favorite plants is rose. But, according to her, most rose scents don’t come from real roses so she has to get her rose petals from the rose growing capital of the world, Bulgaria.
Her desire is to “…educate consumers and inspire them to live in health and joy with a softer impact on the planet.”
Villafranco’s business has grown so quickly that she recently expanded and added more space. She’s able to stay engaged and remain creative by offering limited editions of no more than 101 items — which can sell out in minutes.
“I want to honor the artistic process that got me started on this in the first place.,” she said. She loves finding the blend that works. ( For example, for Valentine’s Day the limited edition she released was Sacred Rose, using the rose petals from Bulgaria and combining it with Palo Santo. The Palo Santo clears negative energy and makes room for the healing that rose facilitates.
“This is art with the most expensive paint available,” she said, noting that she wouldn’t have trusted herself with rose in the beginning as she didn’t know anything or what she was doing, but she’s now willing to dip the paintbrush.

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